Roger Marcus Geus – In Memoriam

by Fr. Jetts

 Remembering the day you came

To live with us and play our game

With youthful glee and innocence

You taught us how to live with sense.

Once more we wish with gratitude

To think of you in beatitude.

Those great moments of your sojourn

That make us smile and even mourn.

Greatness achieved through simple life

Though brief your stay, but truly rife.

Life may be short, we really don’t mind

It’s always worth the joys we find.

Eternity, what  joy is there?

Are we to leave all that we bear?

Beyond the grave, what can we have?

What’s in store for man above?

Rebirth awaits those in this world

Who tried to love and serve the Lord.

There is no doubt that He shall save

And make his sons rise from the grave!



Mystery indeed is mortal life,

And so is death and endless strife

For every man once born on earth

He sure must face bounty and dearth


All pains will come to a passing end

If you believe and humbly bend.

Beyond your mortal agony

The light awaits, your Destiny.


Rest now, my friend, in endless peace

To dwell with God in boundless bliss.

We pray that you shall intercede

For each of us, in every need.


Courage is all we seek for now

That to His will we humbly bow.

To trust that one day we shall see

That you have reached your destiny.


Under the billowing horizon

The loving thoughts will linger on

Of you and all the many good things

You did for us to share God’s Blessings.


Saints and angels now await

Welcoming you at the gate

Servant of God, lift high your head

The savior bids you, move ahead.

Go forth and meet the Lord of Life

Who conquered death and evil strife.

In him there’s healing, and there’s rest

And our existence shall be blest.


Eternal are His mercies though

That we may live and goodness sow

Just like the way you gave your all

To him who gave your glorious soul.

Until that day we meet

When our joy shall be complete

May God have mercy on us all

and lead us to our heavenly goal.


Someday when that great moment dawns

and the Redeemer gently calls

O may we see you with the Lord,

The Merciful, blest and adored!


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