Abandonment Issues

I feel kinda sad the past few days and today, when I woke up from nap, I felt really sad. I feel neglected and that I am unworthy of anything. And that I don’t deserve things to go well and that it must be too good to be true. It took me from 6pm to 8:30pm to contemplate things and it did made me more sad. I felt like God is silent and wasn’t giving me any answer. But I know that God has not abandoned me. I know that he’s just silent making me reflect and learn more about things and somehow I made positive thoughts by the end of my “reflecting”..

First, it made me think about the plant and the root that I was telling you about. I used to kinda push people away, or I let them get close but not really close. I suddenly realized that me having this kind of things are rooted to all the relationships – may it be family or boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. I think it made me fear more like if one person can discard you, we fear that other people would actually do the same thing. And it’s bad because sometimes it goes deep within the person and sabotages relationships. It’s amazing how fear blocks us from seeing possibilities and it clouds our perceptions about the people around us.
I also thought of it as a temporary experience and it directed to emotional and spiritual growth. I believe that things like this will come to an end even if it’s not so soon. It’s one of God’s trials and it always has a purpose where we can benefit from its results. Sometimes God uses this too to make us aware of His presence in our life. “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” – Romans 8:18
With making the unconscious things conscious, I hope to become better and feel better.

Salted Caramel Mocha Frappucino

Salted Caramel Mocha

Salted Caramel Mocha ©Starbucks

I went to Starbucks not knowing what to drink (because I was soooo looking forward to drinking Happy Lemon). The Barista told me to try this and was kinda doubting its taste. It did taste good though. It has sea salt and caramel and its kind of sweet but not too sweet. It was just right, no – it was great!

Try it! Go to you nearest Starbucks now! 😀

Welcome to Radiant Pearl! This is Margery!

Here, I will tell you my story on my adventure in working in a company here in the Philippines. It’s like what most people wouldn’t even think of me working on but some people would’ve probably guessed. Yes, you’re right. It’s me and McDonald’s. Kidding! It’s me working at a Call Center company.

I started doing interviews – McDonald’s, Tutorials, Convergys, Hinduja, Stream and Sitel. I did it everyday, doing one call center at a time.

At Convergys, they had an initial interview then the skills part where you type, listen, and answer questions on your screen. As I passed those two, I was endorsed to a call simulation and then luckily, at the Job Offer. They offered me 13,500 for this car account but it’s in Commonwealth (kinda far from where I live) so I thought about it first before signing the contract.

I realized, I need to go to another interview so I could weigh my options. I went to Hinduja the next day and same thing – interview, skills, call simulation. To my surprise, it wasn’t good. The reference they were using was just stupid! So as you would’ve guessed, I didn’t pass. Fine. I could go on another company.

The following day, I met some acquaintances from Convergys who were also applying for a job. They told me to try Stream Global Services. Me, Kim and her friend then went to Stream. We did the typing test, the technical tests and the interview. Unfortunately, she didn’t pass and her friend was interviewed but wasn’t able to get the job. I, luckily, got a job offer but it’s in SM North Edsa which is just soooooo far! I can’t imagine traveling all by myself at 3AM! That’s why I just didn’t continue with Stream and I hate how they had me waiting for almost 8 hours!

So the next few days, Kim told me to try Sitel. I told myself, “Okay, for the last time. Then I won’t do any interviews.” I went walking in Eastwood and a Sitel Headhunter found me. They told me that I could do an interview and so I did. I did the initial interview, HR interview and then the behavioral test and some math tests. Next day, I went for a final interview with Henry, a soon to be coach, as he had introduced himself. He told me that he wishes me luck and he just asked me so many questions. After that, I got the job offer for an airline company! Yay!

They told me it would start July 30 so I need to process my papers – NBI Clearance, SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig and etc. For a week, that’s what I did. I also renewed my license just in case.

July 30 came in and I still can remember my first day at the Training Room. I found our trainer funny and I met new friends. Marcelino is the first one and then I met the whole Sabre 8 Team – Iris, Tina, Joseph, Joel, Woody, Raiza, Troy, Kriz, Roj, Art, Mich, Chad, Amber, Tiffany, Gee, Pao, Denise, Ela and Me. We were first tasked by Sir Francis, our trainer, to introduce our seat mate. I introduced Marco and he’s from Cubao and into football. And the others introduced their seatmates as well.

We first had to learn about the company, its objectives, security policies and etc. Then, we  had to learn about Australia and their culture – Enculturation and after which, we had to know how to play the game. It was fun getting to know about another country especially Australia where I really don’t know anything except for Gavin Aung Than from http://www.zenpencils.com and the Sydney Opera House. They made the whole learning experience really enjoyable with games being put in it and making jokes (that really catches most of our attention).

I started to like the whole training but time came when things suddenly felt uncomfortable for me. Some things were just too much for me because in a good workplace, I’m looking for people who act professionally. And that, I didn’t find. Things are just way too much. Looking at the brighter side, I came to know people that in a very short span of time, became close to me. Together, we shared opinions and ideas and just things about our life.

I resigned after a month for I have to review for my upcoming board exams on January. But to tell you honestly, I feel blessed to come to know Australia and widen up my knowledge with new softwares and skills; Blessed that I have known new people; Blessed that I, myself, once became an ordinary employee and with that I learned that money takes a lot of hardwork to get and learned to look at a different perspective.


Thank you for reading Radiant Pearl! Have a great day!