For sometime, I wonder.. “DND” (Do Not Disturb) at messengers, they set this acronym as their STATUS. I just thought, “why would they put DND as their status when they can actually set their status as invisible?”. If they really don’t want to be disturbed, they shouldn’t be online in the first place. Don’t you agree?


The Story of the Bananas.

Bananas are one of the things that I HATED most. I don’t know but when I was a child, I frequently eat bananas but when I started to drink this banana-flavored medicine, I hated it. It reminds me of the medicine and my sickness. I had primary complex as diagnosed by my pediatrician then she prescribed me some medicine which really doesn’t suit my taste. There were 3 bottles of medicine. I remember one of the medicines she prescribed was Rifampicin. I can’t recall the name of the banana-flavored medicine. Anyway, it’s a bitter memory and I don’t want to mind it anyway. Back to the bananas, in my dormitory, bananas were back to my diet because it is one thing that you can expect during mealtime. It serves as our “dessert”. So, I am eating bananas again.  :c

Things I can’t get over with.

So, it’s actually start of what we call, “sembreak” or in other words, semstral break. A break from the first semester full of botanical stress and other kinds of stress.

As I said, it’s the start of sembreak wherein I engage in so many different and real NONSENSE ACTIVITIES like sitting, walking, sleeping, eating. I may say that it is nonsense but I think it is just as essential in our lives. Well, as for the title above, i’ll tell you about the things I CAN’T GET OVER WITH.

Number One:

First and foremost, I can’t get over with SAM CONCEPCION! The fact that I can’t go to his concert really made me sad or otherwise, depressed. It’s just damn urrgh. I can’t say that it’s too expensive but it’s already our break and BREAK means NO ALLOWANCE. I am totally pissed.

Number Two:

Second of the things I can’t get over with is CHARICE PEMPENGCO (so, you’re talking ’bout Little Big Star Contestants now huh?). Hmm, It’s just a similarity. Anyway, I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE and I am sooo AMAZED that I found myself clicking links to her videos in youtube! She’s just SO AMAZING. She already met great international singers of the millenium like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion! Urgh. She’s really a Good Singer which made me – uh. – NOTHING compared to her.  Oh well. It’s great that Filipinos are engaging with international stars and speaking about filipinos, I wonder what Pres. Gloria Arroyo thinks about it.

Number Three:

Third. I can’t get over with so many videos and tv shows i haven’t yet watched. I didn’t even think that break doesn’t really mean BREAK. haha!


That’s all. MAYBE. I miss my friends. See y’all next semester.

And whoever read this, pardon. 😀