My take on the Pharmacist Licensure Exams

Board exams? Yes, it was a memorable experience. Not because I was excited but because I got so much emotions during the whole process. Nervousness, lack of sleep, palpitations, headache, and definitely, constipation. I myself, would never want to repeat the same thing all over again and that’s one of the reasons why I am so motivated to pass and get through with it.


First Day. 

I was not excited as others seemed to be. I think mainly because they can’t wait to get over with the exams but I was too concerned on not knowing what to expect on the exams. I am very thankful for my mom and dad for being supportive and drove me to MLQU. I don’t know where this university is but I thank Google for bringing GoogleMaps! I wasn’t late. I arrived at 6:20am and we were supposed to be there at 6:30am. Instructions for the exams are given at 7:00am and the exam itself starts at 8:00am. 


As the time drew nearer to 8am, I prayed to God not to ever leave me and guide me in my exams. I also prayed for St Joseph’s intercession as I went out of the room after the proctors gave instructions. 



The farthest room on the left is where I took my exams.

We waited until 8am and BOOM! Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Wow, it was pretty difficult but somehow I know that I got at least 40% right answers. The same goes to the next two – Pharmacognosy and Practice of Pharmacy. I have to admit that my brain was so tired after the exams that I really wanted to get some rest but my anxiety for the next day didn’t let me.

Tip: Bring water, food, reviewers and lunch so you wouldn’t have to bother going out to eat and at least you would be able to get some last minute review on the topics you haven’t yet finished reading.

I went home and still, I tried to read a couple of topics for the next day. I tried to sleep early so I can get energized for the last day. I still prayed and kept on making myself calm.

Next day, we were to be at MLQU at 7am. Dad cooked breakfast and I drank some coffee to get my head working because I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. I got there and I must say, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics are difficult but…. Quality Control! You’re the worst. I worried more but I believed that I will pass my exams. I went home and enjoyed the day not having to study anymore for my exams. It’s such a relief!


My friends talking about the last module.

Results were out and I passed! I got 83% and I think that’s not bad at all.. At least i’m not going all over the same stresses again. 

I encourage all the students who are going to take the exams to study, study, study and pray hard! 


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