7 Steps on Pharmacist’s Initial Registration

After you have passed the exams, you are now going to register at PRC so you can practice your profession. PRC is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Me and my friend went at 8:00am so we could finish early.


Step 1: Ready the requirements you need for initial registration.

  • short brown envelope (with name and profession written)
  • one (1) passport size picture in plain background with name tag.
  • current community tax certificate (cedula).
  • ballpen
  • payments: P600 (registration fee) and P450 (annual fee)
  • Php 1000.00 per person for Oathtaking tickets.

Step 2: Get online and print your oath form. Fill up necessary details.
This is easier since you won’t need to fall in line to get your oath form and write everything.

Step 3:  Buy 2 documentary stamps.
Head to the window on the right side once you enter the vicinity. It costs 21.00 each so thats’s Php 42.00 for two.

Step 4: Proceed at Window 17/19 to get your Permanent Examination and Registration Record Card.
You will then be instructed to fill up the boxes that they have marked on.


Step 5: Proceed to the Cashier. We went to window 1.
Here, you will pay a total of P1050.00 and they will give you a receipt which you would need to put the receipt number on your record card.

Cashier Window

Official Receipt

Official Receipt

Step 6: Proceed to Window 19 to give your oath form, registration card and receipt.  You will give your brown envelope and passport ID.

Submitting at Window 19.

Submitting at Window 19.

After, you will have to wait until your name is called and you will go back to the same window. It took us maybe 30 minutes of waiting or more..



Step 7: When your name is called, claim your receipt, claim stub and the little note on your oath taking.

You will have to go to the Oath taking ceremony to claim your board certificate and license card. And that’s it! Should you have any questions, just comment and I’ll try to answer.


16 thoughts on “7 Steps on Pharmacist’s Initial Registration

  1. pharmd20 says:

    Is this all you have to do in the Philippines? That seems like a lot of unnecessary things….but the US, I think we have to take the exams then we register through the state/nation…as far as I know…I think that is it.

    • Gale says:

      Yes, you will have to register to take the exams first and then if you pass, you have to get registered again but not with the state. It’s by country so pretty much, you’re licensed in the whole country and you do not have to take licensing in each state 🙂

  2. Verlene says:

    Thank God I finally found a decent (and only) blog post that would explain what I need to do for my professional registration! I’ve been asking a lot of people to validate whether the instructions on the PRC website were being followed by them or not, and so far, they’ve forgotten what they already did during their registration. I hope you can clear these things that have been bothering me:

    1. Do I need to have my oath form notarized? If yes, where should I have it notarized? And do I need to pay for it?

    2. How many documentary stamps do I need? Because in the PRC website, it says I need only 1, but in another webpage, it says 2.

    3. Do I really need to show my passport ID? Because the only valid ID that I have is the postal ID. My passport has been expired already.

    • Gale says:

      1. Oath form, I dont think so. I don’t remember anything about notarization… So yeah, u dont have to pay for it.
      2. You need two 😀
      3. Nope, you dont need to show your passport ID. 🙂

  3. Sam Baniago says:

    what if na claim mo na yung prc ID mo pero not the certificate of registration? I am 22 years old now (kaka claim lang po ng ID a month ago dahil sa 2 year leave from practice- 19 po naka pasa sa board exam). how do I claim my certificate of registration?

      • trixchialoveskimchi6 says:

        parehas ako sa OP… 19 ako pumasa. ngayon 22 n aq. ngayon palang ako magpapractice ng pharmacy… pano gagawin ko? what documents do I need. also meron pla ako nung under 21 certificate.

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