A look at my 2011.

In a few hours, and I’m about to say Good bye, 2011! Welcome 2012! It’s ironic how my last post was last year! Doesn’t matter! Haha! I’ve been so busy.. Now, let’s take a look at what happened this year. I’ll show it to you in months and highlight some events or life stories I have which made my year as it is now. So, take a ride with me!

January 2011.

I am still in my third year in college. Everything was complete hell. EVERY DAY is filled with quizzes. But it was such a relief when the Quadricentennial Celebration arrived. It happened at the last week of January. It was sooooooo cool! The whole celebration was a blast! Every one is having a good time. To think that you’re actually studying in a school which existed for 400 years! Your walking in history.

This month was filled with paper works, assignments, quizzes and plants from Pharmacognosy classes.


February 2012.

Of course, february is known to have the valentine’s day. Yeah, my ex (since I already broke up with him), gave me a bouquet of roses. 12 pink and 12 red roses. I gave him cupcakes. This I can’t forget since everyone loved the cupcakes. I would love to buy some of that soon though. February is the month of the Chinese New Year too. So, kuya Serge gave me a tikoy! Which is soooooooooo goood! It’s so delicious! Marianne gave me some too. I love those tikoys. 🙂 And year, february’s fine but still, is filled with the quizzes, assignments, exams and so on..

March 2011.

March.. March. What do I remember in March? Oh.. UST’s attempt in the Guinness Book of World Records – the Largest Human Cross. I got some pictures of it and it was nice. I praise the school for making it to the book of world records. Haha. What else is in March? I don’t remember. But I guess its the end of our 3rd year – HELL YEAR’s FINISHED. >:)

April 2011. 

What do pharmacy students do during summer? They enjoy their vacation at the beach! NOT! Of course we had to do our internship stuff. It was fun! Laughing with the pharmacists at Delos Santos – STI Medical Center. I won’t forget this for I spent my 360 hours of internship here. It was boring at times but the staff’s fun to be with. We just talk and talk and talk at those boring times.. April was a breakup month too.. I got to say.. They went on some place, I think it was at a Fiesta and the ex found some girl and yeah, he broke up with me. It was hard, I definitely had a hard time on it but I thank my friends for being always there for me. Eventually there was another guy who helped me and he taught me a lot of things. And I thank him for that but the worst thing is..

May 2011.

He fell in love. Which made him vulnerable. I like him though. He’s a good guy but I don’t see him as much as he sees me in his future. I just don’t. It’s because I still love my ex (who tried getting me back before they went on a cruise). I guess feelings just doesn’t fade away that easily. I think I am just another person who’ll teach him something. Well I think it’s how it is. It was fun spending time with him but I didn’t love him as much as he loved me. I have my own reasons and if you want to know, all you have to do is ask. 😉 Going on, May is the month of having finished all my internships! 200 hours of minor internship at Toll Manufacturing Specialists, Inc. and Delos Santos – STI Medical Center – DONE. I went back home to spend the rest of my two weeks vacation with my family.

June 2011

Start of my 4th year in UST. I can feel the graduating thing coming. Though I really thought 4th year would be such a breeze.. Well, it’s not. It’s filled with thesis works! Academics and Thesis and my Orgs at the same time! I’m glad I have survived it all.

July 2011.

Thesis. Thesis. Some thesis issues. But I guess that’s how we are in a group. Some would think that they’ve done so much and some don’t. We had so much expenses too at this month since our research study is so costly. I officially cut off my ties with the guy too. It was just isn’t right and not healthy for me. It put me in a lot of pressure. And I know, it isn’t right.


August 2011. 

The ex tried again to get me back. Well he did. Because he really did a great job. He crossed the floods to be with me at one time just to give me flowers. I must say, he really did gave so much effort. Even if he caused me so much pain, I guess there’s a part of me that wants him back.. So I did, I tried giving him another chance. His 8th chance. It was doing well but I felt like something’s not right. Anyways, in the academic side, we were busy going to the University of the Philippines to have our products analyzed. And my Lola Naty died.. I hope she’s in peace with God now.. We also had our Fausto Reunion by this month. It was fun because I learned a lot about my Dad’s side of the family.


September 2011.

This is my birth month! I’m 20! I so thank Marianne Ng for the pens she gave me from Taiwan! It was very nice of her. Haha. I spent my birthday at home with some classmates – Marianne, Irene, Quennie, Lime, Gia, Gel and some HS classmates too -KathGon, Aaron, Marina, Colleen, Oscar. My college friends and I plus mom and dad went to the bar too. Haha! It was so much fun! But the ex was very frustrated with me because he thinks that I made him look like a driver. I didn’t. But I expected him to have helped. I admit though that when I think of being alone again, I will be in so much pain. That’s why I didn’t break up with him but eventually.. I broke up with him. I can’t take the demands anymore! I  felt like I was being imprisoned and that I can’t do anything freely anymore. So this was the time where God gave me the strength enough to break up with him.

October 2011.

October is the month of Thesis Defense and finals. Haha! I’m so glad we already finished our thesis and passed our defense! We had yellowcab pizza after our defense. And yes, it’s the start of our sembreak. I didn’t have much to do with sembreak because I’m already finished with my internships so I just enjoyed it at home. I spent some time with HS friends too. We watched a movie – Praybeyt Benjamin and ate at KFC and Jollibee. It feels so good being with my true friends. I just missed them a lot. :)) The end of my October was filled with being a driver and boring times! Which gave way in meeting new friends. Oct 31 will definitely mark a day in my planner.


November 2011.

All Souls Day. All Saints Day. Yeah, we went to the cemetery as the tradition goes. I met my cousins and relatives. It was fun! But after those things, classes started and I started changing my mind in everything. I suddenly decided to pursue PharmD and not Med. So the whole november, I just spent my time searching and searching and researching and some practice (because I got in at the audition – HIMIG Pharmacy 2011). I also received my first international text message. But November was great! It was a nice time for me to collect stickers from starbucks and spend time with my friends which I didnt get to do when I was with my ex. Lol.


December 2011.

So finally, I am at the last month of the year. December was kind to me and it made me feel so happy and blessed. I definitely had developed a relationship with God and He guided me all the way. I received the Voter’s Choice Award for Himig Pharmacy 2011. It was a nice competition and fun too since I got to know new friends. I felt really blessed. I also had the time to spend Paskuhan and Christmas Party with my classmates plus the after parties – Manor in Eastwood and starbucks respectively. Haha. I got a good score at TOEFL and I also completed the Misa de Gallo and had a great family reunion on the 25th. Moreover, I had my first international outgoing call. Lol.

It’s the 31st now and yet the last 2 months of my 2011 – I am single but happy and blessed. I think I grow/mature more when I’m just like this. Lol. I am sorry for all the persons I have hurt. You know who you are. And thanks for everyone who were there supporting me. My family, friends, relatives, my new found fried 7300 miles away and of course thank you so much Lord God!



PS. I bet the whole year is in my planner though. (But this is good, so I could have a reference in the future).



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