Educational Tour ’07

at NLEXBack in practicing my english. Haha!. Anyway. I’ll just tell you what happened in our educational tour last October 20, 2007.


We left the school at almost 5 in the morning because of my tardiness. We prayed before we went to our first stop, at NLEX. Some went to the restroom and some bought foods. I bought a Frappucino which was really great! Then, we went to ABS-CBN. We saw some stars and the guide, Kuya Bong (Marlon Mercado) brought as in the studios around the vicinity of ABS-CBN. I can’t believe that the Studios were really smaller than on TV! I can’t imagine how the dancers dance on Stage when the stage was really small! Then we saw the Pinoy Big Brother House and the Pinoy Dream Academy House which is also smaller. The guide told us that it was because of the wide-angle lens camera. I don’t know if it is really called like that. The most expensive studio there was the 1 vs. 100 studio.After the tour in ABS-CBN, we went to AeroSpace which features planes and how they work. Then, we ate our lunch in the bus. Then went to SM Mall Of Asia. I bought some trinkets for my sister and I bought a pair of clips and a pair of slippers.

Then, we went to Coconut Palace which was mostly made  of coconuts. It was incredibly Great! The whole palace costs 37 million and was owned by former President Ferdinand Marcos and Mrs. Imelda Marcos. It is overlooking the bay and it has a pool with a depth of almost 6 ft. I wish I could live there. Haha!

Star City is the next stop. There were so many people out there. It’s just sad because we didn’t went to Snow World. Anyway, it was fun because I’m with BubbleGums (me, eden, gon, alyana, enna, colleen, marina and cecille). I lurve being with them. Any rides, even the kiddie rides goes really fun when you’re with them. I went home early though. I slept over at my cousin’s house in Diliman, QC.


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