Psalmist Recital

Psalmist Music Center, Bringing Out Your Musical Best!

After two long months of lessons, we finally have to report what we learned in our Recital. I was late. So, I missed the start of the Launching of the Psalmist Hymn/Jingle which I’ve been waiting for a long time to hear. Some lines I heard were:

“Psalmist Music Center, the right place for you. The music and the harmony with a touch of quality. At Psalmist Music Center, Your dreams will come true. Bringing out Your Musical Best!”

The song is composed by Sir Jason Villaroman and sung by Ptr. Jan Ver Lagarejos.

I would really like to say that it was a good job.

Back to the Recital, each student played or sang their pieces. The Recital has 4 Parts. It was successful. We – Me(vocals), Gian(Lead), Geus(Bass), and Goel(Drums), and of course with the participation of a friend, Mr. Ian Guillermo (Rhythm) – played the song “Magbalik” by Callalily. It was Good.

One thing I would like to thank to the Manager Sir/Mr. Ferdinand U. Cruz, is that the Recital is dedicated to my Brother Roger Marcus Geus.

Though some of us committed mistakes, It was the most enjoyable Recital. It was really successful. We also sang the Traditional Song “When You Believe” accompanied by the best teachers in town! [:)]

I will really miss the faculty and staff. Especially, Miss Paulette Isabelle Urbano.

-“dakilang tambay ng Psalmist”


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