Summer Heat?

Pls. watch this video trailer first, from the documentary film “the Inconvenient Truth”.

Can you feel the heat running through your skin? Can you feel the sun emanating its heat from its rays? I know it’s summer but don’t you sense the comparison of the HOT weather from last summer and this summer? It’s only the effect of Global Warming.

As a Girl Scout, I care for our country and the world. Global Warming is the increase of temperature as a result of the increase of Greenhouse Gases. As the temperature rises, more and more polar ice caps are gradually melting resulting to the rise of sea levels. It only means that some of the land areas of Earth will sink. Polar Bears will extinct. In Asia, there would be drought, floods and soil degradation that will likely diminish food productions in arid and tropical parts of Asia.

Being an ordinary normal person. We can help. Now, I’ll be doing number 10. Please Conserve.

The Top 10 things we can do to Reduce Global Warming:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
2. Use Less Heat and Air Conditioning
3. Change a Light Bulb.
4. Drive Less and Drive Smart.
5. Buy Energy-Efficient products.
6. Use Less Hot Water.
7. Use the “off” switch.
8. Plant a Tree.
9. Get a report card from your utility company.
10. Encourage others to conserve.

May we all help the country we live in for the most serious problem is not terrorism, but Global Warming.



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