Recognition Day

March 28, 2007

My very first time to attend such event for I’m an awardee for the Most Outstanding Girl Scout of the year. It started with a procession followed by a simple prayer led by Mrs. Aguilar. After the prayer, the singing of the National Anthem and our school’s hymn.

I’m the only one who wore this Girl Scout Uniform that causes me to become very awkward. Not only because of the uniform but most of all, I don’t have my Mother/Father to accompany me on the stage.

The time came when I have to climb up the stairs and go on the stage. Every step felt weirder and weirder. Then Mrs. Cabual came and accompanied me from the stairs, to the stage and back to our chairs. I would like to give her my best gratitude for being my temporary parent for the day.

After the special awards, the Honor Roll from First Year to Third Year. As the name is called, more and more parents and students from the crowd are leaving the gymnasium. When the Third Year Students are called, there are over 30 persons left causes us to cheer our fellow classmates. Although few people are left, we’re still very happy to celebrate our Recognition Day.

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