Little Twin Stars

This pair of characters was introduce to me by my Titas. They said that this was popular in their times. Haha! They are soo cute! My hanky is the only Little Twin Star product in my Closet.

Little Twin Stars is a pair of characters made by Sanrio. The little brother is called Kiki while the elder sister is called Lala. Kiki has blue hair, while Lala has pink hair (sometimes, Kiki’s hair is brown, while Lala’s hair is blonde). Both have a birthday of December 24. They were introduced in 1975 and enjoyed popularity in the early 1980’s.

Though the mystical twins were born on the Star of Compassion, they “pass[ed] the time wondering about life on Earth, the planet they had heard so many stories about. With permission from Mother-Star and Father-Star they set out for a visit to Earth. Lala’s star wand led them on their journey. Ever since they arrived they have been spreading happiness to everyone they meet.

The characters make cameo appearances in 2004 on the front cover of
“Tomoko Kawase” Tommy February6’s second album Tommy Airline and in her video for the song “MaGic in youR Eyes”.


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