Oxygen. We need Oxygen To Live. We need each other to live. We Oxygen, Love Each Other. I Love Oxygen.

This year, many things happened in a four-cornered room. The room of III- Oxygen.
The first thing is that some of my classmates from last year was transferred to another section and one, transferred to another school.

I remembered the first day of my third year days. I was sad. Is being sad a good start? No. I should’ve been happy for at last I will celebrate another year with my classmates.
After a few months..

The second thing that I won’t forget is the departure of our classmate, Meg. Many students have been sad. She is a good classmate. We presented a show for her. Me and all of my classmates and some teachers, except for some Bakal Boys cried.
It only proves that Oxygen Loves Each Other.

The so-called mini concert of III-Oxygen. It was fun. We performed for an hour and many students and teachers of Honorato C. Perez Sr. Memorial Science High School performed. We depicted the traditions and fashion from the 60’s to the Modern Times. We got a high grade.
The Show made us bonded even well. Our relationship became stronger.

Few Months later..
Cheerleading was announced by our teacher. We insisted on one group but she wants two groups. Cheerleading would almost destroy our relationship but we didn’t want that to happen. The Performance day arrived and the other group won. I can sense that there was a little disappointment from their faces. For me, whoever won the contest from oxygen would be good.
It only says that nothing can break our relationship.

Hours later..
Christmas Party. Ma’am Hilado is the best adviser we ever had. She said that at first, she was proud of the past batch of oxygen but now she says, she’s proud of her advisory class because we are better than them. The Christmas party was so much fun than the last two christmas parties of our highschool life. It was enjoyed by every soul of a student in oxygen.
Every soul of an oxygen student is very close and loves everyone.

No matter what happens, Oxygen will continue to help, care and LOVE each other.



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