Chemistry and Me

Chemistry for me is the study of all things like a thing’s components and structures. This study gave my own questions, answers. It made my life more clear and beautiful. This subject is honestly, one of my favorites. Even though some topics are really hard to understand, I insist on studying them because it will affect not only my grades but my life too. This “chemistry” will open the door to exceeding knowledge for it answers almost all things that you would probably ask.

Since elementary, we’ve been studying basic chemistry in our science subjects. I still remember the atoms, electrons, protons, neutrons and the three states of matter. These are the solid, liquid, and gas that became five in our high school level. I really thought that matter has three phases! Mrs. Apolinario, our chemistry teacher, is really kind to give us such five phases of matter! These are the solid, liquid, gas, plasma and oops… I forgot the other one. Hmmm… let me remember… oh yes! The Bose-Einstein condensate! These are all the five phases of matter. With chemistry, I learned really many things. The most enjoyable thing in Chemistry is the Ice Cream! And yes! We putted many emulsifying agent that made our Ice Cream a gelatin! It is still delicious anyway. I remembered the Physics laboratory smelling milky and the tables are sticky because of the condensed milks…

Studying chemistry is really fun! But part of chemistry is very hard to understand that made me dizzy and gave me headaches. Our teacher, Mrs. Cynthia “cute” Apolinario is fun to have in this said subject. When we can’t understand the topic, she really makes it clear and gives many examples until her students get the hang of it. A teacher like her is expensive, priceless and very hard to lose. I wish she will be safe when the time comes that she has to go with her husband.

Chemistry is like a magic that gives knowledge to many people. I didn’t expect that chemistry could be so much fun because of the ice cream. I certainly learned a lot. I learned balancing and the Redox. But nothing can compare with the memorization of cat ions, anions, and well… most of all, our very kind teacher (tantananantanan.), Mrs. Apolinario. Now I can say, Chemistry and me are well-bonded together.


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